Wantopup – How To Install Wantopup App

Wantopup is a shopping site that offers a variety of discounts on full-priced items. The site also features furniture sales. You can specify the type of deal you want to get and focus your search on certain brands or products. The website also offers several categories of products and brands. You can search for furniture and other items with the help of a specific keyword.


Wantopup TopUP is a mobile application that lets you top up your phone with cash or via an online transfer. You can then use your top-up balance to pay for goods and services. The app has a simple, user-friendly interface and offers a variety of payment methods, including PayPal and Alipay.

Topups are easy to buy and are automatically reloaded each time your phone runs out of credit. When you need to recharge your top-up, simply dial *5# and choose the amount you wish to top-up. Then, follow the prompts to make your top-up. Once you’re done, you’ll receive an SMS with a unique code that you can enter in your phone’s settings.

You can also share your Top-Up with other people. However, you should avoid sharing your account details with others. You should keep in mind that WanTopup reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Be aware that there are strict rules about this and you should follow them. When promoting another person’s account on the Affiliate Program, you should be clear about your intentions.

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