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By | July 17, 2017

gbwhatsapp apk:Now there are a lot of smart phones in the market providing dual SIM facility. And a lot of users are making use of this facility. One can use one SIM for a better data plan and one for a better talk time. So the concern here is about the WhatsApp account of the user. We all know with our normal WhatsApp account we can have only one WhatsApp account in a smart phone with a single mobile number registered with it. So what if we need two separate WhatsApp accounts – one account for each mobile number in case of a dual SIM smart phone – in a single phone. There is a WhatsApp variant called GBWhatsApp available for download in the internet to avail this facility. Let’s talk in detail about the various versions available and the important features of this WhatsApp variant.

The base version of this WhatsApp variant is available in the Google Play market- GBWhatsApp 2.12.361. After that a lot of updates came for this application and currently apk file for version 4.40 is available online. Towards the end of this article I am attaching link to download GBWhatsApp 4.16 version.

Some of the key features of GBWhatsApp available in most of its versions are: – Supports two WhatsApp accounts in a single device, several privacy options, customization available for icons & notifications. It can send video size up to 30 MB and up to 90 photos at a time. Media can be viewed without loading.

gbwhatsapp apk Download

In the latest updates, new emojis, notification tones, material icons etc are added. The lag issues faced by the basic versions are rectified in the latest updates. This mod version of WhatsApp is compatible with a Smartphone running on android OS and it’s available with assize of 28.1 MB.

Download Link for GBWhatsApp 4.16:

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