Tappr | What You Need To Know About Tappr

Tappr is a new company that focuses on providing its users with a secure way to access their bank account. It aims to do this through a mobile app that is designed to connect consumers with their bank. The app also integrates with other apps on the consumer’s device, such as their music player. By making it easy to use, the company hopes to make the process of banking more secure. With a growing number of consumers who are looking for a convenient way to manage their finances, the company may be able to take off.


Toppr is a personalized e-learning platform that helps students prepare for a variety of competitive exams. Using AI-based machine learning algorithms, Tappr offers customized learning paths and adaptive practice to fit the needs of the individual student. The company also provides an online library of course materials to support the personalized learning experience.

It’s a mobile application that uses artificial intelligence to deliver contextual learning material to its users. Whether a user is studying for a board exam or trying to master a particular subject, the app provides a comprehensive visual learning experience. Aside from its interactive approach, it includes a study group feature.

One can use the app to learn about all kinds of topics from science and math to arts and history. The application includes a mock test that allows students to assess their level of preparation for a variety of tests. In addition, Tappr has a goal tracker to keep track of study goals. Moreover, the app also has an in-app store to buy books and other educational items.

The company recently raised $2.4 million in seed funding. Most of this money went toward the development of a card reader. Tappr is also developing a point of sale (POS) app for the financial industry.


While the company hasn’t yet officially announced its revenue figures, the app has already earned more than three million users. For a limited period, the company is offering premium services for free. With that, the company hopes to generate non-advertising revenues.

To date, Toppr has covered a number of important subjects including math, physics, science, engineering, economics, chemistry, history, and more. It also supports students preparing for various entrance exams in India.

Toppr’s team of experts is made up of data scientists, designers, and engineers. The company also operates a school operating system, which provides teachers with standardized personalized experiences for their students. Also, it provides live class service, as well as doubt-solving support.

Currently, Toppr is available for free, though the company is planning to offer a year-long premium program in June 2020. That program will include video lectures.


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Music integration


Using music in the classroom can be a great way to bring a fun and unique lesson to life. You can use your knowledge of the music you teach to create a lesson that is engaging and inspires learning. However, there are some tips you need to remember when incorporating music into your classroom.

Music integration is a concept that allows you to create a lesson that can be taught across the curriculum. This is especially true when you’re looking to incorporate music into the social sciences, language arts, and other subject areas. The best part about integrating music into these areas is that it can enhance the bond between the teacher and the students.

When you want to make sure you are integrating music into your lesson properly, you should follow this checklist:

First, you should look at your music standards. These are the things your students should know, such as playing instruments and singing. They should also be paired with the benchmarks for the other subjects. After you determine the standards for each subject, you can develop a plan for how to integrate the music into your lessons.

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