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Tamillgun is a website where you can watch a variety of movies. You can choose to watch the latest releases or you can find classic films that have been remastered. You can also find the most popular TV shows. With a wide variety of choices, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.


The TodayPk site has been in operation since 2014. It is a pirate website that allows users to download movies and television shows. Interestingly, the site has been banned in some countries. However, it is still being accessed by many people worldwide.

Unlike most other movie streaming websites, the site does not require registration or login. Instead, it offers a huge video library and various language options. Several dubbed versions of Hollywood films are available. Some of the most popular Indian and Bollywood movies are also available.

Although the site does not always offer HD quality, it is definitely worth checking out. There are many Bollywood and Hollywood films that are offered at no cost.

It also boasts of a great user interface. In addition to being simple to use, the website allows you to view videos without buffering. This makes it easier to enjoy the videos.

The TodayPk site contains an extensive library of films. Movies are grouped into categories to help you locate what you want. You can even search for a particular movie based on its genre or actor.

You can access the site from your PC, smartphone, or smart TV. Its mobile app is also available for Android and iOS. As with other pirate sites, you may be fined for using the website.

In addition to offering a massive video library, the site features a built-in radio station. Alternatively, you can use the site’s alternative, Netflix.



Movierulz is one of the fastest growing movie downloading websites. It allows you to download HD Telugu movies and Bollywood films. This website also offers TV shows and web series. You can access them free of cost. However, Movierulz is illegal in some countries.

One of the main complaints against Movierulz is its pop-up ads. To remove these, you can use an ad blocker app. These can be downloaded from the Google Play store. But even if you remove the ads, you still have to face the pop-ups.

Another complaint against Movierulz is the slow speed of its server. In addition, the site has been blocked in many countries. So, you may experience a blank page or a ‘No connection’ message when you try to access it.

As a result, there are many alternatives to Movierulz. Here are a few:

Movierulz ms is a website that is quite similar to the official Movierulz website. Movierulz ms is known for leaking new Indian and Hollywood movies. The site allows you to watch the movies online.

Moreover, Movierulz has an ad-blocker app available for free. If you want to avoid the pop-up ads, you can download this ad-blocker extension.

Movierulz also allows you to download Bollywood, TamillGun, Hindi dubbed, and Punjabi movies. They are all available in different formats and size ranges.

Despite its features, Movierulz has been banned in India. But if you live in one of the countries where Movierulz is permitted, you can access it.

123 Movies

123 Movies is a website that allows you to download and stream movies and TV shows. You can get the latest movies in HD quality. There are various genres to choose from, such as drama, comedy, crime, sci-fi and thriller.

It is an excellent way to watch movies and TV shows from your laptop or desktop. The site has been designed in a user-friendly manner. However, there are some downsides. This includes the fact that you may have to use a VPN to access the site. Also, it is possible to be infected with malware.

Another issue to consider is that 123movies’ servers are not reliable. Some users have reported having problems streaming their movies and TV shows. If you are experiencing these problems, you should try to access the site via a VPN.

You can also watch TV shows and movies on 123Movies’ mobile app. Although this isn’t a perfect solution, it is still a great option to watch online content.

Another problem you could encounter is that 123Movies has been accused of being a virus-carrying website. As a result, you should always make sure you are using antivirus software and a secure VPN. In addition, you should never download files from a suspicious website.

Another concern is that there are a lot of copycat sites that mirror 123movies. These sites are also illegal, as they illegally release movies on their websites.

Los Movies

Los Movies is an unofficial site that allows its users to watch films, TV shows, and pirated copies of Tamilgun. The site is also a good source of free streaming content. However, the site has been shut down. Fortunately, there are other sites to watch the latest movies for free.

One of the most popular streaming websites is Putlocker. While it does not host its own content, it has the best user interface. It also provides a convenient categorization system for sorting your favorite content by genre, date, and quality. Another site, VEXMovies, is similar to the latter. Users can download movies from the site and stream them in a disconnected mode.

Alternatively, a free ad blocker should be installed on your device. A VPN will also reduce buffering issues. You can even use a smart phone app to stream your favorite content.

WatchFree is a great free movie streaming TamillGun website. They also offer an extensive content library. There are even paid packages to choose from. Besides offering a solid selection of content, they provide a smooth, HD streaming experience. Their interface is simple and easy to navigate.

Similarly, AZ Movies has the best UI of the lot. Users can search for their favorite flicks based on release date, studio reviews, and more. Lastly, VEXMovies is a great way to watch downloaded content in a disengaged mode. Likewise, Sockshare is a fun and feature rich alternative to Los Movies.



Gofilms4u is one of the best movie streaming sites. The website allows users to stream movies from Hollywood and Bollywood. This site also has content in various other languages. There are thousands of films available for download.

However, the site is illegal in India. So, it is best to use it as a last resort. Nevertheless, if you do not want to risk your privacy, there are alternative websites that will give you the same results.

Another popular website is TamillGun. Its main focus is on Tamil language content, but it has expanded to other languages as well. You can get free HD movies and TV shows from there.

On the other hand, there are other pirated movie websites. One of them is World Movies HD. It is a good place to find Hollywood and Bollywood movies in HD quality. But there are many people who are not happy with its service.

A lot of the users on this site are loyal to the site, and they keep coming back. While there are some piracy issues with the site, they have a great collection of films.

Other than Hollywood and Bollywood, the site also has movies in other languages. This is an advantage for those who do not understand Hindi or English.

Moreover, it is very easy to use. All you have to do is to search the movie you want to watch. After that, you click on the play button to begin the movie on TamillGun.


TerrariumTV by Tamillgun is a streaming application for Android that lets users watch movies, TV shows, and music videos. It works in a similar fashion to Kodi. Instead of relying on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, it scrapes content from various sites around the web and forwards the links to a video player.

Despite its legal issues, TerrariumTV has gained a cult following among Android users. This is largely due to its high quality streams, multi-language subtitles, Chromecast support, and the fact that it is completely free.

The streaming TamillGun app is not available on the official Google Play Store, however, and you’ll need to download it from a third-party site. If you’re looking for a safe, reliable, and convenient way to watch your favorite television shows and TamillGun movies, then you should definitely give it a try.

Though it’s not officially supported by many major content providers, TerrariumTV does provide a large amount of free TV and movies. There’s even a subscription-free version that lets you watch HBO’s Westworld and Solo: A Star Wars Story.

But even though it’s a great application, you may be in violation of copyright law. You’ll probably want to turn off all notifications and change your security settings. Otherwise, your ISP or government agencies can track your activities.

For the best results, consider using a VPN or proxy service to hide your activity. While it’s not a bad idea to stream copyrighted content, you should avoid using apps that require you to download anything.

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