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By | July 19, 2017

Clash of lords 2 apk : One of top ten strategy game all around the world, with 4.6 rating on a scale of 5. Be ready for the clash. Clash of Lords 2 is one of the top rated games. With the evolution, your favorite heroes are also strengthening. The new age is totally getting into Clash of Lords 2. Guess who has joined the fight? The mighty berserker. The deadly PvP arena hero trials are more fun to play than ever before. Changes and improvements have made a clash of lords a better place. Strategy games are full of twists and so is Clash of Lords. They have also added something fun and innovative.

It’s time to recruit forty heroes and their squads of mercenaries and you can also build a base to withstand the attack from the enemy. You can play with your foes in 9 PvP and PvE modes. Through its social feature, you can play with your friends and defeat them.

You will have to control all the heroes and at the same time, you have to defend your city and of course you have to complete your mission of defeating your enemies. The game is divided into two parts, in the first part, the players have to create a defense system to protect cities and accordingly choose your hero for this part.With those three main parts, a game will be spoiled with so many fun and amusing moments. The game, in fact, is not as scary or thrilling as the title. One will probably think that this game is very masculine and thrilling. But the fact says a different way, enjoy the game and have more fun. The mechanism of this game is divided into two different parts. You can guide your hero to attack other cities in seconds. The hero can attack the cities with its abilities and super powers. There are many weapons as well. To protect one city, the player can build places. You should be smart enough to play with the tricks.

The second part is even more interesting.The graphics are impressive and user-friendly.The mechanism of this game is very simple to comprehend. In a clash of lords 2, there are wild branches.
It’s important to know about its exciting features:

One can activate your heroes’ battle skills in real time, well! This is something really essential to make strategies. At the same time, you can have control on your action.

In the very new mercenary mode of Clash of lords 2, you can pair up with your heroes and troops.You should always play your way. It’s time to challenge and defeat your friends.To battle against allies, there is a robust guild system.By logging daily into clash of lords 2 will get you free heroes and jewels.

Clash of lords 2 apk download

There is always something new, the latest version was upgraded with more exciting features.
A new hero, a toxic shaman with great powers has joined the clash. Every day login will get you many more rewards. Mother’s Day events are also added to the latest version. So evolve the new hero and get a chance to win a max talent. The new version has been added with won ton, Hydrasaur, and Renee Van enchanting skills. Stage 19 of the clash of lords has been added to the Battle Royale. In Guild boss, you can check the new battle formations of top 20 players. Now the heroes’ trial season would end fifteen minutes earlier.The Arcane Caster’s skills have been enhanced.

If you try once, you will get addicted to the game. It is completely free to download and play.

To download the latest version, click on the URL:

Clash of lords 2 apk download

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