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By | July 19, 2017

Boom Beach apk: So are you looking for fun? Then try this amazing game. Boom beach is one of the popular strategy game developed by Supercell. Game strategy is one of the popular genres adopted by the developers. Boom beach is one of the popular strategy games on Android phones. It is one of the epic combat strategy games. Boom beach is very challenging. Play the game with your tools and make a plan or strategy for the fight. So be ready for the boom. Just storm the beach and it’s your day.

One has to fight with the evil black guard with all your physical strength and by flaunting your big muscles in this epic game. Your main aim is to rescue the enslaved islanders and at the same time unlock all the tropical paradise. So attack the enemy bases and help the enslaved people. Before attacking you have to create your own task force with the players who are from all around the world and then take on the rival’s with your task force altogether. So the first scout, train your task force for the fight than making a strategy, at last boom the beach. Complete the mission!

There are items which can be purchased with real money that will enhance the overall power of your task force. If in case you don’t want this feature, you can change the settings by setting up password protection for the purchases on your Google Play store app.

Boom Beach has some exciting features:

You won’t get bored playing alone, in Boom beach you can play with millions of other players; you can also raid hundreds of opponent’s bases for loot.

If you want precious resources to enhance your power or you want to control them, you can fight for it and you can upgrade your base against the attacks.

It is fun to explore tropical archipelago and at the same time discover the mysterious power of life crystals.
During the fight, you have to face fearsome blackguard bosses and unveil their evil plans.

If you want to form an unstoppable or invincible task force, join other players and take on co-op missions.

You might be waiting for some kind of new stuff in the kitty of Boom beach. The application has updated few things:

They introduced headquarters level 22, there are new buildings and troops are also upgraded. They have added new statue storage, where you can save all your status for later use. So to gain better daily rewards just earn more and more victory points. For the daily supply chest, again you need to earn victory points. The developers have made a lot of improvements to make the game smooth and hassle free. There are lots of new and improved graphics; the app also has base notes now. There are lots of bug fixes to remove the interruptions. There are many improvements in the task force. Gearheart event now is available for 5 attacks, before only 3 attacks were allowed. Hammerman event now is applicable to reward Intel.

Boom Beach apk download

The best thing about this game is that you can play Boom Beach in multiplayer mode. The app also has the social feature as you can connect it with the Facebook.

In the permissions, you can modify or you can also delete the contents of your USB storage. You can read the contents as well. You will be able to view all the Wi-Fi connections. Full network access is required. You can prevent your device from sleeping.
The game is very challenging and the graphics very impressive so don’t wait for the download and play it for free.

To download the latest version, click on the URL:


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