Stormblades Game Review

Combat is at the core of Stormblades, with slashing and tapping your finger to engage enemies. Skilled players can predict an incoming attack and redirect momentum to hit the enemy, reducing their health and allowing their hero to charge through levels. There’s not a great deal of fanfare to the combat, but it manages to keep the pace high. Players will be rewarded with a lot of replay value.

Swipe from top to bottom for power strikes

This on-rails action-RPG is a great choice for casual gamers. It allows you to earn three relics (similar to stars) per stage. The relics will help you upgrade your power strikes and weapons. These relics are used to power up your Stormblade. In addition, you can also swipe from top to bottom to perform power strikes.

In addition to three swords that you can equip, you can also purchase armor and upgrades. Unfortunately, there’s no way to customize your character in Stormblades. However, if you’re looking for a free-to-play title, this might be a good option. Its combat is fun, and you can play it as long as you want. It’s a good replacement for the infamous Infinity Blade, which costs $6.99.

Plasma Blastgun engages both infantry and armoured targets

The Stormblade is a jack-of-all-trades heavy tank. Its plasma weapon is capable of taking out almost any target and can even overcharge against the biggest and baddest threats. Its other weapons are an assault gun, a heavy burst cannon, and a twin Doomweaver. Both are good against light infantry, but the Stormblade’s plasma blastgun makes it a good choice for most scenarios.

The M4A1 is a powerful weapon with staggering rate of fire. It is ideal for attacking infantry, light vehicles, and small structures. However, it is weak against armoured targets. Unlike the lasgun, it has a much higher piercing value. While the M4A1 is an excellent weapon for attacking infantry and light vehicles, it’s less effective against armoured targets.

The plasma Blastgun is one of the largest plasma cannons in the game. It is typically mounted on Adeptus Mechanicus Titans and Imperial Guard Stormblades super-heavy tanks. It is an enormous weapon with a double-barrel design. This weapon is capable of two types of firing modes: rapid and full shots. Rapid shot is more powerful against armoured targets, while full shot focuses on infantry.

Command Attachment allows you to buy swords

The Command Attachment is a useful item for Stormblade Infantry. It grants them +3 ARM and no knockdown when combined with Dauntless Resolve. You can also purchase Storm Gunners to add more ranged output to your Stormblades. Both of these items will increase the damage your Stormblades can deal. In addition, both of these items will improve the damage output of your Stormblade Infantry.

While you’re playing as a Tyrant, you can equip Stormblades with the Command Attachment. This will enable you to buy the Stormblade and equip them with Relentless Charge. They can also be equipped with the Snipe and Deadeye abilities to improve their overall damage output. In addition, the Stormblade can also negate bad attack rolls on hardened targets, so it’s a good idea to equip a pair of them when you’re facing off against these tough enemies.

IAP costs $4.99

If you enjoy casual games on mobile, you’ll want to avoid the $4.99 IAP for Stormblades. The game’s lowest tier costs a mere four dollars and netting you a good amount of coins is worth the small price. The game’s other features are relatively cheap. For example, you can upgrade the Stormblade’s critical hit potential by spending 1,500 Essence. Despite being a free game, Stormblades includes in-game advertising, which can be quite lucrative.

The gameplay in Stormblades is simple and repetitive, but it’s still fun, especially with its fun combat and oversized enemies. Compared to Infinity Blade, you need to time your attacks and use powerful weapons wisely to defeat your enemies. If you’re not into fighting huge ogres, you’ll also find yourself wasting time. While there’s no story or meta-game, the game offers a decent time-waster.

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