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By | July 19, 2017

Lucky patcher apk: There are many applications for cracking and it has become a very common thing on Android. But Lucky Patcher has not been designed for cracking purposes. It is an amazing android tool to completely eliminate ads; this app can bypass the premium applications license verification. One of its interesting features is that it can also make changes in permissions. Keeping illegalities aside, it has series of interesting features that can manipulate applications.

Lucky Patcher goes through all the installed applications on your device and then it analyses the complete list. Then it shows what all you can do, the first action that is very much possible is the removal of license verification, as all apps require license verification to be downloaded from Google Play.The second features it offers is that you can modify permissions. In the Permissions list, you can change many options like system alert window etc. You can also make changes in the associated permissions. You can also extract the APK file for backups and you can also perform actions like removing Google ads. Lucky Patcher can also unlock paid applications. The latest version is Lucky Patcher v6.1.8 Apk for Android. Its latest version also comes with features such to install modded play store. One of its amazing features is that you can get the custom patch of its full version where you can unlock all the features of applications such as power amp, titanium backup, etc., these are locked by default.

The basic and the only requirement for using Lucky Patcher app is to have a rooted device. Having a rooted device becomes very important. Even if you are not skilled in this field, you can easily do with tools like KingRoot or TowelRoot. After the installation of its latest version and after you run the app, you will get a list of all the installed apps on your device with all the action which you can perform on them. Along with this, you will get color codes that will show the compatibility and feasibility with the tool. Following are its actions that how this function basically works along with different color codes:

Red: This code indicates that permissions cannot be modified; ultimately you cannot manipulate the application.

Green: This code shows that the app can be registered and it can also be disconnected from Google Play.

Blue: This code simply indicates that the apps include Google Ads.

Orange: This color code indicates about a system app.

Purple: This code indicates about a system startup app.

Yellow: This color code implies that the app has a specific patch available with it.

Lucky Patcher apk download

Many of the above-mentioned operations are totally illegal; other can take you out of only one difficulty. If the application is associated with Google Play, then it becomes more complicated to download the app from external sources. This will force you to go through their official Android store, but many people don’t choose to do this. But if you look on the other side by extracting applications and removing their permissions, you make the applications run on devices which are not compatible or you also try to transfer applications between tablets and smart phones. This operation is not compatible with both the platforms. Lucky Patcher offers much information about all the apps. This is really very helpful as you get all the descriptions and the minimum version that is required to run that application. It will also tell you that whether the app has been changed or the version is original.

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lucky patcher apk 

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