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Riven TFT vs Riven TFT

Until recently, Riven was one of the main carry options for Dusk. His Keeper trait and ability to use a variety of items made him a very popular choice for carry compositions. Other reasons for his popularity included his high damage output, Sharpshooter ricochet, and summoning Galio. But now that the new Riven TFT has been released, these factors have changed. If you’re not sure which to choose, read on to learn more about Riven.

riven tft vs riven tft

The first Riven TFT vs Riven TFT matchup will focus on the basic attacks. Blade of the Dawn is the best item for this build as it stuns enemies for 1.5 seconds, deals magic damage, and grants the wearer bonus Attack Damage for eight seconds. The basic attacks heal the wearer for 33% of the damage dealt, grant 30% max Health shield, and increase attack range by one hex. Also, these basic attacks grant the wearer 20% bonus attack speed.

Item build

In the Riven TFT item build, you’ll primarily use Blade of the Dawn, which deals magic damage and stuns nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds. The blade grants bonus Attack Damage for 8 seconds and also increases the wearer’s Attack Speed and attack range. Basic attacks also heal you for 33% of the damage they deal, and give you a 30% max Health shield for five seconds. Your attack range is also increased by 1 hex, and you get 20% bonus Attack Speed.


During the Rise of the Elements, a new set of traits have been introduced to Teamfight Tactics. These include the Socialite trait, which highlights one hex on the board and gives bonuses to the unit that is in the spotlight. Similarly, the Scrap trait allows the player to turn an item component into a full item. These new traits offer a great deal of variety in gameplay.


If you play the new tft, you’ve probably noticed some changes. The first one is a change to the synergy for mage champions. The change means that a mage’s champions have a 50% chance to cast spells twice. That’s great news, since it means that there are now six mages available in the game. However, before we look at the changes, we should first talk about how synergies are implemented.

Festival of Beasts

The upcoming Festival of Beasts update will add 20 new champions to the game. In addition to new champions, this update will change the traits of old champions and add new ones. Some of the new champions are expected to go live January 21, 2021. In the meantime, Riot has been confirming the new champions and their traits in recent weeks. Here are some examples. A blacksmith is one example of a new champion. Blacksmiths gain special traits that they can give to an ally.

Riot’s TFT debut

Wisdom Gaming and Riot Games are expanding their partnership to support Riot in esports events and official initiatives. Together, they are building the TFT competitive scene and community. Wisdom also owns the Giant Slayer content brand, and will manage the newly launched North American TFT Esports website. The website will serve as the hub for the TFT esports ecosystem in North America. It will feature information on all upcoming events and tie into Wisdom’s Giant Slayer brand.

Festival of Beasts introduces new game mode

Teamfight Tactics is getting a mid-set update later this month, and it will introduce new champions, traits, and customisation options. Along with these changes, there will be a new game pass and a new season of ranked. This article will go over what’s new in the mid-set update and what you can expect. This patch will launch on January 20. We’ll keep an eye out for it!

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