meteorite staff elden ring

Meteorite Staff Elden Ring

The Meteorite Staff is a special staff found in the Elden Ring. This rare staff is a great way to protect yourself while doing a variety of tasks. This staff is particularly useful for druids and mages because of its unique properties. But if you want to buy one, you should know that you will have to spend a lot of money on it. So, how do you get this rare staff?


The Meteorite Staff is a weapon available in the Elden Ring. You can learn how to use this weapon by learning the spells that it has in your character’s inventory. You must first unlock the Aeonia Swamp Shore Site of Grace before you can learn the Meteorite Staff. This staff’s power is the ability to summon meteorites from far away. The staff also has a chance to summon various items and other monsters.

The Meteorite Staff is very powerful and has many respectable attributes. You need to level 18 Intelligence to use this staff effectively. However, this staff is weaker when fighting the hardest enemies. For this reason, it’s best to get the Elden Ring early on so you can travel near this item to use it at an early stage in the game. This staff’s high level of damage makes it the best choice for a sorcerer who is new to the game.


If you want to make your character stronger, you should learn how to get the Meteorite Staff, one of the most powerful magic weapons in Elden Ring. You can find the staff in the Caelid region of the Swamp of Aenoia, southwest of the Street of Sages Ruins. Once you find the staff, you can use it to boost the effect of your Gravity-type sorceries.

Meteorite Staff is best used to improve Gravity Spells, such as Rock Sling. Rock Sling is one of the strongest spells in Elden Ring, and it is made even more powerful with the Meteorite Staff. It has a range that’s impossible to ignore, and it deals a tremendous amount of physical damage. This spell can be used for a long time, and it can be extremely effective with the Meteorite Staff.


The Meteorite Staff is an excellent early-game Elden Ring weapon. It doesn’t give you any skills, but its scaling is quite strong for S Intelligence and D Strength. It is a very useful weapon early on because of its passive buff to Gravity-type Sorceries, and it is quite easy to obtain. However, it has some downsides as well.

In the base game, the Meteorite Staff will not appear, so you’ll need to install the Day 1 patch. Once you’ve done that, the staff should be visible. You can also farm the staff from the Elden Ring’s store to speed up your leveling process. If you’re unable to obtain a Meteorite Staff, you can buy another staff with the Meteorite Core and Meteorite Staff.

The Meteorite Staff is located in the Caelid region, southwest of the Street of Sages Ruins. It can be obtained by using a specific route, which will take you to the ruins. However, you should note that this area is extremely dangerous for your character and you should not try combat here, even if you’re level 15. Instead, you should use a mount to ride into this area to grab the gear.


A Meteorite Staff is an essential item for any alt, regardless of class, in the game. This staff’s high-magic-resistance nature makes it an excellent choice for players looking to maximize their offensive power. However, there are disadvantages to Meteorite Staff that make it less useful in some situations. Here are some of the main disadvantages of Meteorite Staff.

First and foremost, it cannot be upgrade. Its high INT scaling makes it a great starter spell weapon, which is ideal if you’re looking to do a lot of damage early in the game. However, it is not upgradeable, unlike the Demi-Human Queen’s Staff. Fortunately, it is possible to earn one early on, and it’s best to pair it with the Moonveil Katana.

Secondly, the Meteorite Staff is difficult to use while wearing armor. This is because it’s place on your body. However, it can help you defend against poison flowers and fungus priests. Assuming you have a low Int score, you should use a ranged option instead. Lastly, the Meteorite Staff can only be upgrade once, which is an inconvenient fact.

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