LogiMove Introduces Fleet Management Telematics Solution

The early years of LogiMove were crucial in establishing the brand in the European market. It began by opening offices in Germany and Russia and quickly grew to a team of 37 employees. In 2012, industry leaders in Germany recognized LogiMove for its innovative technology. By the end of the year, it employed 44 people in Germany and Russia, including sales teams in both regions. The company also hired a General Manager for Europe in Tim Mackeldey, a former executive at the GM of the U.S., to focus on Europe.

LogiMove is a low code platform

In addition to creating a platform with low code, LogiMove enables you to adapt the software modules to your business needs. The LogiMove software is very customizable and can be used to integrate your own developments into your processes and transmit them to mobile devices. The LogiMove platform is designed to be flexible and reconfigurable, and is ideal for teams of different sizes.

The first thing a low code platform needs to do is integrate with your current business systems. Low-code platforms can work across multiple platforms, which ensures that your data flows smoothly between your core business systems. They allow businesses to leverage the power of their existing systems, enabling them to make better decisions and increase their efficiency. This type of platform is ideal for those businesses who have limited development skills. It allows them to build customer-facing apps without the hassle of writing code.

It has AI-powered damage detection

Geotab Marketplace partner LogiMove is introducing its AI-powered damage detection solution. With the help of Geotab, fleets can monitor their assets from anywhere and anytime. The damage detection solution is designed to prevent downtime caused by equipment damage and ensure that it lasts longer. By automating these tasks, fleets can reduce costs, improve customer service, and extend the life of their assets. This will also improve their ability to keep their fleets running smoothly.

The damage detection system is built into the LogiMove software. It integrates with the visual of the vehicle to make it easier for workers to identify damage. There are guided and unguided options, with the guided option guiding workers with pictograms to indicate damage. It analyzes before-and-after photos to identify specific damages and dirt levels. When a driver identifies damage, the AI will provide a real-time price estimate based on the vehicle’s condition.

It integrates with Geotab’s fleet management telematics solution

Using GPS trackers with the Geotab fleet management telematics solution, companies can monitor and optimize their entire fleet. They can coach drivers and identify areas for improvement to ensure optimal operation. MyGeotab’s fleet management telematics solution is a comprehensive solution that prioritizes maintenance tasks and helps reduce overall cost. Users can easily download reports to understand how to improve fleet efficiency.

The Geotab fleet management telematics solution is highly customizable, and includes features like dash cams that record high-definition video. It also has built-in driver coaching features and integrates with its web-based reporting platform. Geotab’s fleet management telematics solution supports unlimited users and vehicles. Geotab also offers an open SDK for third-party application integration. Users can also integrate Geotab with other systems and services and access an API marketplace.

It allows users to add customers, drivers, and multiple mix designs

LogiMove is a web portal and app-based solution that brings all the aspects of a concrete mixer delivery company under one application. With LogiMove, you can manage orders, dispatching, multiple mix designs, and truck inspections. In addition, it lets you handle invoicing and delivery notes. LogiMove also lets you manage multiple trucks and drivers.

It allows users to integrate their own developments

The centralized platform of LogiMove helps organizations model and manage mobile processes. The system allows users to incorporate their own developments and adapt the program to their specific requirements. The software is flexible and can be customized for the needs of both existing and new businesses. Users can easily add or remove modules and configure their systems according to their specific requirements. It allows users to reconfigure the software according to their business processes, from small to enterprise scale.

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