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How to Use the Clockology App on Your Smartwatch

If you have a smartwatch, you may be interested in using the Clockology app to create customized clocks. While the app does not explicitly describe how to sync the watch with the app, it should be installed in the Available Apps list and compatible with your device. There are several downsides to using the Clockology app, which you should be aware of before buying a subscription. Let’s examine the pros and cons of both apps.


If you have an Apple Watch, you’re probably wondering how you can add the Watchfacely clockology app to it. After all, it’s not just another app that lets you change the watchface on your wrist. The app has its own Chinese name. You might have even heard of it before. In fact, the Chinese name for the Apple Watch is Yao Zhu Yi De Shi. Regardless of its name, the app has been popular with Apple Watch owners for years.

Designed by Clockology, Inc., this app allows users to create their own watch faces with a powerful editor. It even has a feature that lets you save your creations and share them via social media. You can even create a customized Casio Apple Watch face! And if you’re not particularly artistic, this app can help you get started. Just check out the tutorial, and get started!

Watchfacely subscription

Whether you prefer a simple analog or digital timepiece, Clockology lets you create interactive dashboards for your Apple Watch. Unlike the built-in clocks on Apple devices, Clockology offers customizable templates. You can choose the color scheme and template of your clock, and then modify the design at a later time. Some templates may require permissions to display local weather information and health data. It’s completely up to you whether to allow these permissions.

The free version of Watchfacely allows you to download two different watch faces every day. If you use more than two, you’ll need to pay the in-app subscription fee. Most users will be satisfy with just two. The paid version gives you the option to customize the watch face color, complications, and time position. However, if you use more than two, you’ll have to purchase the professional version.

Clockology subscription

The Clockology app subscription is a separate subscription, which is bill by a different company. You can unsubscribe from this subscription at any time. There is a resubscription option for Clockology, however, so you’ll have to wait until it has been release for beta testing. For now, you can use the free version of the app. If you’re not satisfied with the service, you can simply cancel your subscription.

Unlike the other watch faces, you can create custom clock faces with the Clockology app. Once you’ve created a custom clock, you’ll be able to choose from hundreds of options to make it look as you like. If you’re unable to create your own custom watch face, you can always download a beta file. To do so, open the Clockology app in the Recents tab and tap the Browse tab. After you’ve downloaded the app, make sure to restart your device.

Clockology’s downsides

A Clockology app allows you to create a customized, feature-rich dashboard, right on your smartphone. With the app’s powerful editor, you can create your own unique dashboard, or import the designs of other users. The app can also show you your daily activity log, including steps taken and distance travelled. Additionally, the app displays current battery life and other information from your activity ring. Nonetheless, it is important to keep a few downsides in mind.

One of Clockology’s downsides is that you may not be able to use the app when your wifi connection drops. You may also be unable to download or install the app if your storage space is low. Audio problems can also occur due to low volume. If this is the case, try using headphones to solve the issue. Also, video loading issues can occur depending on your internet speed and wifi connectivity. Furthermore, if you do not want to rely on notifications, Clockology may not be the best choice for you.

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