Glitsy | What You Need To Know About Glitsy 

Using the word “glitsy” is not a new thing, but it has become much more popular in recent years. With the influx of high-end fashion magazines, TV shows, and movies, it’s easy to see why. But did you know that the word is derive from the Latin word for “glamour”? Here’s a little bit about it, and some examples of its usage.


Whether you’re a fan of sports, music, or dance, you’ve probably heard of GLITSY. This one-stop social platform is a global community of music and dance lovers, and allows fans to connect with their favorite Z-Stars from the comfort of their own homes. The app also gives fans exclusive access to behind-the-scenes events, behind-the-scenes interviews, and the latest news. The app’s one-of-a-kind features include the ability to engage with Z-Stars and follow their journeys in a real time stream. You can even use it to track your own personal growth. The app’s patented algorithm provides a personalized experience that combines your likes and interests with your friends’ activities. Aside from the app, GLITSY has a mobile website where you can download content, participate in community discussions, and share photos and videos. If you’re a GLITSY fan, you can also join an exclusive club called the Z-Stars. You’ll receive exclusive updates on your favorite stars, and a monthly newsletter with the latest Z-Star news and updates.


Having a glitzy party doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you are planning a birthday bash, you might consider a few subtle touches to enhance the decor. You don’t want your guests to feel out of place, however. The following are a few ideas that will ensure your party’s theme is a hit.

A sparkly sequined dress isn’t exactly the best fit for your next anniversary celebration. A more appropriate attire may include a dressier version of this glitzy attire. There are several other options, like a well-made cocktail dress, a more understated evening gown, and perhaps a more conservative top. You’ll also want to consider the budget. You don’t want to spend more than you have to on your dress. You could easily find an inexpensive dress online or in a local mall.

Example sentences

Getting example sentences for glitzy can be a good way to understand the word’s meaning. It can help you learn faster than if you learn words by themselves. In fact, if you are trying to learn English, then it’s better to start learning by building sentences. Not only are sentences more readable than strings of words, but they also help build your language.

When you see example sentences for glitzy, you might think of a person who loves to dress up and go to parties. You might also think of places that are glamorous. The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai is an example of ostentatious glitz. A new hostel in Gstaad is another example of glitzy.

Some people will think of the film industry as a place where people are looking for glamour. Glitz can be good or bad. Some people are searching for glamour because they are trying to impress someone or to get notice.

See more usage examples of glitz

Putting on a little glitz to your life can be a good thing. A sparkling dress is a great example. A glittering Christmas tree can add a little bling to your home. Glitz is use in many different ways. The word can be use for decorating your home or for events like a Christmas party or a graduation.

The word “glitz” is derive from the Proto-Indo-European root ghel-, which means to shine. Many light-related words are derive from this root. Glitz is often associate with Hollywood and Broadway.

Glitz can be use to describe sparkly things that are bright and shiny at night. For example, the dhow – sail profile of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai has become an icon of ostentatious glitz. It is so glitzy that it requires a reflective surface. Glitz requires light.

Glitz is also use to describe flashy guests at a party. You may hear the phrase “putting on the glitz” at a party to describe someone who is glitzy and flashy. Some people may want to dress in glitzy clothing, but it is not always the right thing.

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