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Depending on your niche, there are many different ways that you can get revenue for your mobile apps. You can try Gameplier and get the most downloads or you can look for similar applications that have already reached a high level of popularity.

Top grossing app

Despite the popularity of games such as Pokemon Go and Clash of Clans, it remains to be seen which social platforms are the most lucrative. There are several top grossing apps that may be generating billions of dollars in the next few years. Some of these are dating apps, fitness and health apps, media and entertainment apps, and more. Understanding the quantitative and qualitative factors that make the top grossing apps successful will help marketers understand which apps are likely to generate the most revenue.

According to App Annie, Android and iOS apps are classified as free or paid. The two most popular non-gaming apps are YouTube and TikTok. These video sharing platforms are the largest revenue earners among all other apps. In fact, TikTok may generate more than 50 percent of all total app revenue. Compared to other social platforms, TikTok is ahead in terms of in-app purchases.

The top grossing gaming apps include Gameplier, Roblox, and PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile has the potential to break the billion dollar mark in 2020. It is expect to earn $1.5 billion by the end of 2021. The popularity of massive multiplayer games is largely due to the supportive community. Almost all games use the Google payment solution to make in-app purchases. Until October 2018, Puzzle & Dragons (2012) was the top-grossing app.


Which Country Is Earning Highly Form Grossing Apps

Interestingly, most of the top grossing apps come from China. The country has a large number of mobile users, and is the world’s largest spender. The Chinese are also more willing to pay for music than five years ago. This is because they have a large database of player-created games in all genres.

The United Kingdom is another country with a substantial number of mobile users. The top-grossing apps in the country are YouTube, Disney+, and Roblox. These apps are not charging Apple fees and are raking in millions of dollars. The top gaming apps include Pokémon Go, Roblox, and PUBG Mobile. These three apps are expect to take the top spots in the US and the UK by the end of 2021. This is a big win for the companies behind these apps.


Among the many benefits of gaming is the enduring value of the virtual good. If you are an entity selling virtual goods, you may have to make a reasonable effort to track the life of the game and its associated revenue. As you consider the specific facts and circumstances surrounding the arrangement, you may want to consult with an accounting adviser.

The best time to recognize revenue from a virtual good is a matter of personal choice. Generally, the longest period for recognition is the estimated life of the game. If you are unable to quantify the duration of the life of the game, you may want to consider a revenue-sharing arrangement between two entities. Alternatively, you may choose to recognize the revenues of your game over a period of time, such as the duration of a tournament. This decision may be influence by the availability of reliable historical information. In any case, you should evaluate your options before implementing a new revenue-sharing arrangement.

Similarly, the most efficient way to determine the most appropriate accounting policy for a particular arrangement is to review all sources of guidance. This includes guidance from the US government and other organizations. If you are a gaming entity, you should also consult with your accounting adviser to ensure that you are making the right decisions.


How To Purchase Apps

The most accurate and effective revenue-sharing arrangement is one in which the parties agree to use a common currency. Using a common currency, the parties will calculate the amount of Gameplier Revenue on the basis of data obtained from the billing system of the Licensed Product. After receiving written confirmation from both parties, the Gameplier Revenue shall take effect and become the basis of profit sharing between the parties. You may also want to take into account the usage of other methods such as the in-app purchases and the like.

The gaming industry is constantly evolving, and the industry participants are applying several approaches to recognizing revenue from a game. While the most important element of this equation is a gamer’s lifetime, the gamer’s overall gaming experience is also consider the best possible deliverable.

Similar apps

Whether you are a gamer or just like the latest apps, you are bound to find some apps that you can use to get a bit of fun in your life. For those of you who want to find out what are the best games on your smartphone, you will be glad to know that you can download apps similar to Gameplier. These apps are free to download and you can even instantly install them. You will be able to download MemuPlay, which is a lightweight application designe for gaming purposes. You can also download The Ghost, a co-op survival horror game.

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