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Eggy Car Friv – How To Play Eggy Car Game

Eggy Car Friv is a game that combines the fun of car driving with an egg on top. As the driver, your goal is to safely transport the egg from one location to another without smashing it. The best way to do this is by driving carefully and slowly. To accelerate, press the right pedal and to reverse, press the left pedal. Try not to make any sudden movements to prevent smashing the egg.

Eggy Car is a car driving game with an egg on top of it

Eggy Car is a 2D physics-based obstacle course driving game. The objective is to steer the car and avoid falling off of the road to collect all the eggs. The game includes more than a dozen different courses. In each one, your goal is to collect as many eggs as possible while avoiding falling eggs from the top.

The egg is delicate and the road you drive on is bumpy. You need to carefully drive the car and avoid hitting the egg, as this will break the egg. As you play, you earn cash that you can use to buy a new car.

You have to drive a hill-climbing car with an egg on top of it

It is possible to play an online game where you have to drive a hill-climber with an egg on top! But be careful. You can end up with an egg on your windshield, and that’s not a good idea! To prevent this, you’ll have to drive carefully and try to make the maximum distance!

To win this game, you need to drive the car carefully, and you need to try to get a high score without smashing the egg. This is an excellent game if you like online car games. You can play it with the arrow keys, A, D, or your mobile device’s controls.

You have to avoid breaking the egg

Eggy Car is a challenging Friv game where you must drive an egg in a car without breaking it. The only way to do this is to accelerate slowly and avoid hitting obstacles. In this game, you must also pay attention to the speedometer so that you can catch the egg just in time.

The game has an endless level that you have to complete without breaking the egg. The egg is round and hard, and it can break easily, so being able to drive without breaking it is crucial. You will have to maneuver around hills and other obstacles while avoiding collisions with other cars and the egg.

You can cheat in the game

Whether you’re playing the game for fun or for a profit, there are ways to cheat in Eggy Car. As you might have guessed, the objective of the game is to transport an egg from one location to another without smashing it. To do this, you must drive slowly and carefully. Pressing the right arrow will accelerate your car, while the left arrow will reverse. Be sure to watch your speedometer as well.

The first thing you should do is to watch the tutorial. This will give you valuable rewards and free stuff. You can also watch ads and participate in daily events. In addition, you should practice your driving skills so that you can get better scores during the PVE. Another way to cheat in Eggy Car is to get coins.

You can learn how to play

In this fun game, you must drive a car and carry an egg on top. The eggs are round and hard-shelled, so it can be quite challenging to carry them in your car without breaking them. To make the journey easier, you can use a box to keep the eggs in. Then, you need to drive the car over bumpy roads without breaking them.

The objective of this game is to take the egg as far as you can in the most efficient manner, avoiding collisions. You need to drive slowly and watch the speedometer to achieve your goal.

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