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Dawnbringer TFT Build Set 5.5

The competitive season of Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning will kick off on May 21 with the TFT Dawnbringer Cup, North America’s first major event on the road to Worlds. The TFT: Reckoning World Championship will be streamed live from China and will feature more than one hundred players from all over the world. Here are some things to keep in mind when playing the game:

Build set 5.5

In the new Dawnbringer TFT build set 5.5, you’ll find two new champions: Akshan and Gwen. Both of these champions are ranked highly in the TFT meta. If you want to play an aggressive team with the top-tier champions, this TFT Build set 5.5 is a good place to start. In addition, you’ll find that there are new units and Traits available in this set.

The first change is Akshan, the five-cost Sentinel Ranger. This champion replaces Dragonslayer and Coven. Fiddlesticks and a huge Crowstorm will be available as well. You’ll also see new items and traits, such as Sentinel. The cost and trait of these champions will be revealed soon. You can expect a full preview of the new champions when TFT set 5.5 releases.


Dawnbringer is a new fantasy RPG that has been gaining in popularity since it first hit the shelves. The book features two main characters: Morgana and Nidalee. Morgana sacrificed her life to tip the scales in her favor, and she believes that the dawn will bring in a new age of order and peace. Nidalee, on the other hand, spends her days protecting the wild places.


There are a few strategies you can use to maximize the potential of the Dawnbringer trait. This is a great build if you’re looking to maximize the potential of this legendary champion. The first tip involves positioning your champions in a way that makes the most of the trait. For example, in classical TFT, you’ll need at least 6 champions with this trait, and a pair of Ivern or Volibear. If you want to play a midgame carry, then try building a Dawnbringer Comp or Riven Comp. A Brawler will also benefit from the Dawnbringer trait and should be the early frontline, so the Dawnbringer will give you the advantage.

Soulflares Karma

Karma, a champion of the “Good versus Evil” theme, has immense damage and durability. This champion’s unique ability, Soulflare, detonates a burst of energy at a random location, dealing magic damage and reducing the enemy’s maximum Mana. Because of this, it’s essential to equip items that recover mana and increase Ability Power.

Qualifying for Mid-Set Finale

If you are a competitive CS:GO player, you should definitely consider qualifying for the Mid-Set Finale at Dawnbringer. This event will be a four-day, double-elimination tournament where the top four players will earn a spot in the TFT Reckoning World Championship. To get a head start on qualifying, we’ve listed a few steps to take to make sure you’re ready.

The Reckoning Mid-Set Finale will be held on July 15-18. Players will compete for a prize pool of $20,000 and invite to the TFT Reckoning World Championship. You can watch the event on the official Riot Games streaming channel or Wisdom Gaming’s Giant Slayer. To qualify for this event, you need to qualify for the Dawnbringer Cup.

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