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By | July 18, 2017

2lines for WhatsApp apk : WhatsApp has become so popular these days. Almost everyone with a smart phone have WhatsApp installed on their phone. Now WhatsApp users around the world are waiting impatiently for various updates from WhatsApp to avail new features. But there are carious mod versions as well as versions which can be run only in rooted phones of WhatsApp which offers amazing features. Here we are going to talk about one such app called 2lines for WhatsApp. Let’s see in detail about the various features of this interesting app in the coming paragraph.

how to use 2lines for WhatsApp

First of all, this app works only on rooted android phones. This app allows you to use two different WhatsApp accounts in a single phone. That means you can have two WhatsApp accounts for two different mobile numbers in a single phone. Therefore this app is a must for the ones with a dual sim android phone (and again a rooted android phone). Let’s see how this works. This app saves all the information regarding your WhatsApp accounts. And when you switch from one WhatsApp account to another, it automatically restores the required account information. You need not wait for ‘verification SMSs’ when you switch between your WhatsApp accounts. In this way this app allows easy switching between two different WhatsApp accounts in a single device.

If you are a business man or a student, you probably need two WhatsApp accounts – one for business/academic purposes and one for family matters. This wonderful app will come handy in those situations. But still, there are some risks regarding the loss of your data.

The latest versions of this app have more stability and most of the bugs in the initial versions are fixed in this version. This app is compatible with a rooted android phone with a version of 4.0.3 or above. This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store using the following link.

2lines for WhatsApp apk Download

2lines WhatsApp Apk 

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