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By | July 19, 2017

Hearthstone apk: Hearthstone is very simple and fun game, all you need to do is pick your cards and throw them down the gauntlet. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft was developed as well as published by Blizzard entertainment. Hearthstone was developed by a small team and it was basically an experimental one. Mostly it was developed to eliminate the pitfalls. It has become one of the popular games as an eSport with many cash prize tournaments. It is a free to play an online video game. The game is built upon the Warcraft series. The game has used all the relics, characters and creatures from the series. It can be downloaded on platforms such as Android, iOS, and other devices. It also features cross- platform play, where it allows players to compete with each other but there are some geographical restrictions.

You play hero in a whimsical, fast paced card game. You should a cunning strategy in your mind. You can also unleash your powerful cards to sling spells. The depth of the game would always draw you in. it is a turn based card game between two players. You will be allowed to use decks of thirty cards; along with the constructed decks, you can also select a hero with unique powers. Players can also use mana points for spells. They can also summon minions to attack the enemy. The only goal of the game is to bring down the health of the opponent to zero. The more matches you win can make you earn more in-game gold, it can also reward you new cards and other exciting prizes. One can also purchase cards through micro transactions and further they can use the cards to improvise their decks. There are several modes; there are ranked matches as well as casual games. There are many daily quests and weekly challenges as well and these challenges can help you earn gold and cards. In the new version, many card sets have been added. There are single player adventures as well.

This game is the only digital collectible card game where the players can choose their own game modes.All the models have a different experience.You have to start the game with a collection of basic cards, but players can gain powerful cards in specific game modes.The game is basically designed to exclude card trading.The development and support require micropayments. The player can have only three active daily quests.For purchasing new booster packs, gold is used. Gold is also used for purchasing tickets for the arena and adventure games, card back skins and for an alternative hero.

Some of its amazing features include:

When you jump right in, there are fun introductory missions that would bring you into the world of game play.
You can also build your deck and can win many cards and craft.
Players can hone their skills through practice matches that you would play against computer controlled heroes.
With your battle.net account card collection would be linked. This helps you in switching between tablet and desktop. At last fight for the glory and win prizes.

Hearthstone apk download

In the latest version, new features have been added. Now both standard and wild formats are available. Whispers of the old gods are also made available. Your friendly challenge menu has also been updated. The set filter has been updated. Halfhill, Shadowmoon Valley and Zul’Drak are the card backs that have been added. Audio, graphical and UI issues has been improved. There is a whole new guaranteed arena pack reward that has been introduced.

Hearthstone is fun to play!

To download the game, click on the URL:

Hearthstone apk download

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