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BazeField is a leading Big Data analytics platform that helps IT organizations to make better decisions. The company offers a flexible, scalable, and integrated platform that can help businesses of all sizes to better manage and analyze their data. It’s recently been acquired by Envision, a provider of enterprise IT infrastructure solutions. Learn more about the company’s new capabilities, as well as the features and benefits of the BazeField solution.

Envision recently acquired BazeField

Envision Energy, one of the world’s leading smart energy management companies, recently acquired Norwegian renewable energy software company BazeField. The two companies will work together to develop digital infrastructure to address the global energy challenge.

Envision’s new acquisition of BazeField will boost its ability to serve more clients around the world. The company has already onboarded several prominent clients, including Statoil, EDF, 3E, Equinor, and Arise. In addition to its operations and asset management technology, the software provides real-time monitoring and control solutions for wind and solar projects.

As the company says, “BazeField is at the cutting edge of renewable energy system management technology.” Its data can be accessed on mobile devices and supports engineers travelling between wind farms. These include tools for real-time monitoring, stop and loss analysis, and availability planning.

This deal will help drive Envision’s growth in the renewable energy market. With the added capacity, it plans to build a lithium-ion battery plant in China. The batteries will be used to power electric vehicles. Also, Envision’s CEO says the company will help drive down the cost of the batteries.

As a result of its investment, the company will also improve the infrastructure of its production facilities. Currently, it has a 1.2-gigawatt portfolio of wind power. Moreover, it plans to upgrade its current facilities in the United States, Japan, and the UK.

According to the company’s CEO, Envision aims to become the leader in the energy transformation industry. In order to do so, it is investing in a wide range of strategic companies, including EV charging network operator ChargePoint and US smart grid data provider AutoGrid.

By integrating Bazefield’s innovative technology, Envision will be able to provide advanced support to its global clients. Its partnership will also enable it to collaborate on new technologies.

Flexible system topology

The BazeField information management system consists of modules and services that support data storage and retrieval. These can be implemented at different levels of complexity. It is designed to be scalable and has been implemented in some of the largest renewables installations in the world.

The system uses a standard OPC DA/XI/UA protocol for real-time process data synchronization. Built-in buffer mechanisms ensure that all data is available to all users. This allows the system to support multi-park analysis.

Aside from the standard operational system, the EnOS Bazefield Renewable Assets Operation System (RAOS) offers a set of functionality that is able to monitor, control and manage all aspects of a renewable facility. Among the many features it possesses are a comprehensive CMMS, an integrated ERP, production metering, substation management, MET mast monitoring and control, transmission management, and a data historian.


As for the technical specifications, the EnOS Bazefield Renewable Assets Operations System is capable of integrating with various databases and facilitating communication between data sources. The software also supports various forms of display and presentation. In addition, the system is designed to be a scalable platform, with smart, event-driven algorithms that allow users to better analyze, predict, and respond to events.

There is an impressive suite of integration and data management capabilities built into the software, enabling users to create custom dashboards and aggregations. Additionally, the system can be configure to automatically synchronize data in the field. Some clients, such as Natural Power and Scira Offshore, use the software as part of their operations and maintenance strategy.

Overall, the EnOS Bazefield Renewable Assets operations system is a complete solution that will increase productivity and reduce plant downtime.

Big data analytics

BazeField(r) combines real-time and historical data analysis and presentation. It includes an easy-to-configure web-based graphical visualization tool and a powerful component for trending and analyzing real-time data. The system also provides drill-down functionality, alarms, and tracking points in a graph.

It supports the operation of single farms as well as grid-integrated systems. Its flexible system topology can be configure to suit your business needs.

EnOS Bazefield is a powerful renewable assets operation management solution that is design to enhance efficiency. It is a dynamic system that is capable of integrating all stakeholders into common workflows. It allows the user to visualize power plants and renewable facilities across a portfolio. Aside from the basic functionality to monitor renewable facilities, it also enables the production of customized dashboards and reports. This enables users to quickly detect underperformance and increase overall efficiency.

EnOS Bazefield’s operations management features include smart, event-driven algorithms and a comprehensive software platform. It also supports a variety of Windows and Android devices. Additionally, BazeField can be integrate with third party software and services. It supports a variety of data sources, such as wind and weather forecasting services.

BazeField has been use by several market leaders, such as GE, Statoil, and Vestas. In fact, it has been deploye for more than 30 GW of wind and solar assets in 25 countries.

With its scalability and flexibility, BazeField has been prove effective for many clients. As a result, it is being integrate with more and more assets. It also helps increase confidence among all stakeholders. Whether you are managing a single farm or a large fleet, you can be assure that you will get the most out of your investment.

Integrated 3rd party solutions

Bazefield(r) is a powerful operations management solution that is use by companies all over the world. It includes everything from a flexible data analysis tool to the ability to monitor and manage a multi-site portfolio. It is offer as Software as a Service (SaaS) or can be install on onshore or off shore servers.

The system can be deliver with an OPC DA server for real-time data or with an OPC HDA server for historical data. In addition, it has a powerful component that allows users to view, trend and analyze data in real time.

The system also provides user-friendly workspace functionality. Each renewable asset can be monitore through a comprehensive, easy to use overview screen. Users can also create their own customized dashboards.

In addition, the system enables real-time monitoring of utility-scale solar portfolios. This is achieve through built-in buffer mechanisms. For example, it can synchronize data in real-time, eliminating DCOM problems.

Bazefield(r) has a flexible system topology, which means that it can be use for a wide range of applications. For instance, it can be install with onshore or off-shore servers, and be connect to a variety of data sources, such as an ERP, SCADA, or process control systems.

The platform offers a flexible user interface, with a built-in web based graphical visualization tool. Additionally, the software supports a number of external APIs. A user can switch between real-time and history mode, and zoom in or out to show details of a graph.

The system is support by Android and Windows devices. Moreover, it can be configure to support a wide range of functions, including a restart of turbines.



Bazefield is a vendor independent, open, dynamic renewable assets operations management system that is available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The platform allows for a number of customisations to suit any business’ needs. It provides fact-based decision making, production planning, forecasting, and monitoring.

The software is use by leading clients including EDF Luminus, Natural Power, and Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. It also has a strong portfolio of projects spanning several hundred MW in the wind and solar sectors.

Bazefield monitors 30 GW of assets in 25 countries across the globe. It provides real-time performance reporting and analysis. With the help of this software, clients have experienced reduced downtime and better asset efficiency. They have also seen a significant increase in profitability.

Bazefield(r) is an industrial grade solution for multi-site portfolios. The system is offer as a SaaS product or in-house installation. In the latter case, the installation can be install on onshore or offshore servers.

As an industry-leading software platform, Bazefield(r) enables users to achieve real-time monitoring for utility-scale solar and wind plants. The system uses standard OPC DA/XI/UA for real-time data communication.

It includes a powerful component for trending and graphing, and a web-based graphical visualization tool. The software is scalable, configurable, and supports external APIs. Combined with its advanced analytics, it can help companies improve their business processes.

Bazefield’s operations management system has been deploy on more than 40 GW of power plants globally. It is a comprehensive software platform that allows for root cause analysis, smart, event-driven algorithms, and a centralized, scalable data historian. These features allow users to set up customized dashboards. This enables them to quickly detect underperformance. A consolidated view of all operational aspects gives managers greater insight into plant performance.

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