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By | July 19, 2017

Modern combat 5 apk:Modern Combat 5: Black out was incorporated by Gameloft Bucharest and finally published by Gameloft. Well! It is the fifth game from the Modern Combat series. It is available for all the devices Android, iOS, Windows. With the updates, the first game of the series is going to completely free to play on all the platforms excluding Blackberry 10. The war in the fifth game is very much similar to the previous games. The players can crouch, throw grenades, shoot, reload their weapons, can also change or pick up their weapons, leap to obstacles and can perform many more actions. The new feature added in the fifth game is the ability to pick soldier. One more thing that has been added is that players can fix class ranging from heavy, sniper, assault, support, etc. All of them have advantages of their own. The player class cannot prevent the player from choosing different classes weapons.

The campaign mainly focuses on the minor character, Phoenix which has been taken from Modern Combat 4, who is trying to hunt Saunders, which is also a supporting character from Modern combat 4. All the missions are for 5 minutes long, shorter than the previous entries. When you play in a specific class and acquire a weapon score, you can unlock new guns and attachments. The guns and attachments can be used for both the campaign and multiplayer. This game is the first modern combat game that requires a constant internet connection. The internet connection is required for both the campaign as well as multiplayer.

The multiplayer mode of this game is very similar to FPS multiplayer, especially basing game play. The weapons would be carried over from the campaign. Modern Combat 5 features seven different maps, out of which 4 locations are from the campaign, 2 from the previous combat games, one is a new map that has been added named as Vantage. The players are from squads, this is a whole new feature added to the series. Another feature that has been added is private Chat, where you chat between the squad members.

There are five modes: Team death match, Free for all, capture the flag, VIP and the last one is Zone control. The maps include canals that are set in Venice, then there are construction sites, there are streets based on a market place, over time, indoors are there at an office block.There is also a scramble which is been set in military storage. The rooftops are the smallest maps that consist of several generators and an elevated platform. Vantage, the new map is one of the biggest maps in the series.

Modern Combat 5 The five game modes:

Capture the Flag (C.T.F.): you have to find, steal and bring the enemy flag back to your base score points. The first team that will reach the score limit would be the winner of the match.

VIP: if you want to score more points, for that you have to kill the enemy team’s VIP, at the same time you have to protect your V

IP. By killing, the VIPs have great chances of scoring bonus points.

Squad Battle: you have to join your squad mates to fight with the opposing team. In this mode, you will be able to get on the world’s top hundred squads.

Free For All: This mode is a classic free-for-all, where the objective is to remove all the opponents. The first one to finish the game would be the winner of the game

Zone Control: To score points, you have to capture and hold the flags on the map. The first team to achieve 100 points would be the winner.

Team Battle: This is very similar to squad battle mode where the aim is to eliminate players of an opposing team. The first to reach the limit is the winner of the game.

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