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By | July 19, 2017

Asphalt 8 apk: Asphalt 8 Airborne developed as well as published by Gameloft. This game is the eighth part of the Asphalt series. It is available for all the platforms that are for iOS, Windows, Android, and Blackberry. It is the frontrunner among other racing games with phenomenal graphics. The game play is very much similar to the seventh part (Heat). The player would be given all the four control options. The first one is Tilt to steer where the movement is controlled by tilting the device. The second one is On-screen controls where all the movements controlled by the virtual steering wheel, then the third one is tilt and icons, this control option is a manual acceleration where again the movements controlled by tilting the device. The last one is tap to steer which is auto acceleration by which all the movements are controlled by touching the side of the screen. There is also a WASD keyboard available for windows devices.

The Asphalt series has always maintained 5-star rating.The primary and the secondary objective are similar to the previous part. Stars are awarding according to the position, the player gets three stars for the first place, two stars for finishing second and one star for the third position. This is basically the primary objective. The secondary objective is performing many stunts or knocking down your opponents. This will fetch the players’ two stars. Getting stars in a game is cumulative. The players who achieved the first position without completing the secondary objectives will have to play the race again. The core game play mainly focuses on the Airborne is that basically tracks ramps. Apart from the standard jumps, the player can also try flat spins and barrel rolls. The jumps would get you nitro boost. The longer the airtime, the more chances to earn nitro boost. You can also earn nitro boots by hitting or crashing the barriers, lamp posts or civilian cars.

The new feature to this part is the ability to perform Perfect nitro. The moment the player hits nitro boost, a red zone would appear in the boost meter and when the player hits it again while the boost bar is in the red zone, the car accelerates more. In the previous games of this series, the career mode had 180 events which were again divided into eight seasons which increased the complexity of the game. In the later versions, many changes were made. The later games can be unlocked only if you have the required amount of stars. You can purchase it from the in-app store through season unlock option.

The online multiplayer mode can be played both via Wi-Fi and via the internet. There is also a World Series mode. To increase the player’s in-game level, playing in multiplayer mode is the only way. Through this mode, you can earn more credits.

This is the only the game in the Asphalt series to use Game Center for achievements. In the game, there are 140 cars which are further divided into five classes and their performance can also be determined. The players have to first start with the lowest class car that is Class D. The cars are now immediately available for purchase.

In the Asphalt 8, you can discover exotic locations and can race in nine different settings like Iceland, French Guiana, Venice, Nevada Desert, and more amazing locations. The tracks are available in Original and mirror variations. You will also get chances to discover hidden shortcuts.

There are stunning visual in this part, along with geometry reflection and many more amazing effects. You can also check the drift gate and the infected game modes. Solve the ghost challenges and you can also compare the scores on the leader boards with your friends.

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